Support Our Cause and Help Save Our Billboard

Support Our Cause and Help Save Our Billboard

We have partnered with Rainbow Lettering and launched a swag shop so you're able to purchase gear to support our campaign. Now is the time to stand together and support one another.

Save My Billboard

My name is Brittany Braunstein and my family has been in the adult industry since 1964. We are always held to a ridiculous standard when it comes to advertising and other aspects of our business. My family has spent 56 years fighting for our first amendment rights of freedom of speech/expression. We have always dealt with discrimination because there is a stigma that goes along with my industry/business.

I came up with a non traditional marketing strategy of utilizing a fun saying and produce for my most recent billboard update (above). I did not want to go with a traditional concept of over sexualizing women, because I feel that as a woman that is very inappropriate and offensive in itself. But apparently what I didn't realize is that produce is extremely offensive and has now caused more concern then any of our previous boards portraying sexy women in a seductive way.

My billboard company whom I have a 20+ year good working relationship with, put the board up and has now since censored it because they received 1 complaint. I reached out via my personal Facebook to my community and have received the most amazing support. I had them all reach out to the billboard company Park Outdoor to complain about them taking it down. As much as complaints about the board being put up should be taken serious then so should all the complaints that it caused by being taken down should be taken just as serious.

I am in for the fight of my life, but I was taught never to back down against what is WRONG! So that's my story- if you're interested in being part of change- share, like, comment... and stay tuned because this story is only on chapter one!

Thank you for the love and support- you mean the world to me.


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